Best Price Hotel's Guarantee

We guarantee the best and lowest hotel's prices!

We appreciate our customers and if you make a direct booking we guarantee the lowest prices. In the event that on the same day you find lower prices for the same room and the same dates on other websites - we will confirm You this tariff!

Best price guarantee’s conditions

  • The site where lower prices were found should not belong to Roses Hotel, St. Petersburg
  • The site should not be outdated, and hotel prices must be up-to-date and indicated for the current year
  • The price should not be a special offer with a limited edition
  • The cost of the hotel must match the chosen room category and period of stay

If the price you found meets all of the above conditions, then you can contact us by phone +7 (812) 579-71-52 or send a link to , tell on which site you saw a lower price, and our staff will book You the hotel room at the lowest price in St. Petersburg.